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Looking to sell your gold, silver or diamonds? Here at Abby’s, we are committed to offering you the highest possible price for your gold of all of the Tulsa buyers. We are locally owned and hope to offer a personalized experience you can not receive elsewhere. Abby’s is the most trusted gold buyer in the Tulsa area, we run our business based on our honest and transparent service. Keep in mind that all transactions at Abby’s are private and confidential – all selling information you give will stay private. Our friendly staff will give you a free quote with NO obligation to sell – If you decide not to sell, take the quote with you and shop around. We know it is important for you to get the highest payouts possible for your jewelry. Evaluations and appraisals on your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and jewelry are done right in front of you and you are never obligated to accept our cash offer. You have nothing to lose and only CASH to gain. At Abby’s you can meet face-to-face with our qualified appraisers and have cash in your hand in 15 minutes or less. Don’t delay– Sell your precious metals for quick, easy cash at Abby’s today!To sell your gold now, stop by or contact us today.


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    Hard times? More selling Grandma’s ring for cash

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – In economic hard times, investors traditionally buy gold, but more people hit by the recession are now selling the precious metal, jewelry, and even gold teeth, to raise cash.

    People are scouring through attics and jewelry boxes for gold, silver, diamonds and anything else of value to help pay the mortgage.

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    Golden memories for sale in hard times

    PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) — At All That Glitters Jewelry and Loans, aesthetic and sentimental values get checked at the door.

    In Midtown Manhattan, Empire Gold Buyers, has seen a roughly 25 percent increase in walk-in traffic since major investment banks and other financial institutions ran into their own financial difficulties.


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